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Imagine the graph below: a list of fatalities each year in the backcountry. These are our friends, family, and the people who understand us most. At SubQ, we believe we can get this number down to 0 consistently. We are dedicated to getting here with innovative products and a community approach.

To SubQ, backcountry quality is the level of gratification the backcountry experience brings to it's cummunity. Quality comes in the form of preparation, the experience, and sharing the experience. It's something we live for. Losing someone in the backcountry has a large effect on it's quality.


In the year 1955, there were no reported avalanche deaths. Since then, as backcountry access becomes easier and more popular, we have seen a steady and significant incline in avalanche fatalities. How to we stop the trend? Lets look at all the variables:

Natural Factors

Human Factors


Recent conditions




Group decision making

Rescue abilities


Safety Gear

Theres only one group of factors our backcountry community can change: Human Factors. We here at              are dedicated to pulling the above trend back in a better direction. 

Our first product, The Jackson Avalanche Airbag Jacket, looks to capture an ever growing 'Sidecountry' user and 'dayskinner', who may elect not to wear an airbag because a pack must be used along with it. 

We have started a Backcountry Quality Initiative with an effort to improve the human factors. We will be putting 2% of our sales towards a Backcountry Quality Initiative fund, and we will be selecting local skiers to give a scholarship to an AIARE Avalanche Level 1, 2, or 3 course.

How can you help? Donate what you can. Buy a sticker for your community and throw it on your gear to support our initiative to get us more educated and help pull the trend of increased avalanche fatalities back in a better direction. 

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