Warranty Policy


SubQ Designs confidently stands behind our product by providing a standard lifetime warranty that covers all manufacturing defects on the jacket and vest.  Once SubQ receives your jacket and/or vest, the SubQ team will evaluate the issue determining whether it is a manufacturing defect or normal wear and tear.  The SubQ warranty does not cover normal wear and tear issues such as rips, tears, burns, etc. SubQ will repair the manufacturing defect in a timely manner and return it back to you.


ABS Airbag System Warranty


All airbag system components including airbags, hose, and CO2 tank housing are covered by the ABS warranty. Please see ABS warranty information at ABS Warranty.


For additional questions please contact us at subqdesigns@gmail.com.


The ABS airbag system is basically maintenance-free, but there are some checks you should to do on a regular basis. Please visit ABS Maintenance to learn more.


Repair Policy


Although the SubQ Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, SubQ does want to help you get your jacket or vest back in working shape. The SubQ repair center is happy to help you properly fix any issues as long as you have not tried to fix it yourself. Please send it to us before trying to repair it on your own.  There will be a charge associated with the repairs, but we will discuss it with you before moving forward. Staring the repair process is as easy as contacting subqdesigns@gmail.com. Please write us a quick email with a description of the repair needed and we will respond in 48 hours to get the process started.


This is how you start the warranty/repair process…


  1. Download the official warranty/repair form:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/dpvpm8dd071m51r/Sub%20Q%20Warranty%20Form.docx?dl=0

  2. Once the form is filled out, email it to subqdesigns@gmail.com. Please include any additional information you feel necessary to the warranty claim or repair needed in the body of the email.

  3. Please ship products to: SubQ Designs: Repair

                                              6705 Clear Creek Circle

                                              Papillion NE 68133


SubQ recommends using FedEx or UPS to ship all products. 


Returns and Exchanges


SubQ Designs’ products are designed with the intent to increase comfort and performance. If your airbag system does not fit properly, SubQ wants you to have the product you deserve. Send it back to us to be exchanged or returned. All exchanges and returns must be done within 30 days of receiving the product. The product cannot be used and needs to have the original tags intact. When returning or exchanging the jacket, vest and airbag system all need to be returned. All SubQ products come with a return-shipping label included with your delivery. For questions concerning returns and exchanges please email subqdesigns@gmail.com.


For all returns and exchanges follow these steps:


  1. Download the Returns and Exchanges Form:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/qxpf51qughbeje1/Sub%20Q%20Return%20and%20Exchange%20Form.docx?dl=0

  2. Fill out Returns and Exchanges From. Put form into the box you are returning the system in.

  3. Use pre-printed return shipping label that came with your order and ship back to Sub Q.


Ship to this address:


SubQ Designs: Returns/ Exchanges

6705 Clear Creek Circle

Papillion NE 68133

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