Outside Magazine Features SubQ in Buyers Guide

October 01, 2016

Outside Magazine features the SubQ ABS avalanche airbag jacket in their buyer's guide. They note the amazing design and note the all-in-one features are great for riding the lift, and traveling in the backcountry. See more in this month's Outside Magazine!

Mountain Life Notices SubQ as a top backcountry product.

October 21, 2016

"The Jackson is an award winning backcountry airbag system from SubQ Designs, designed from the ground up for winter backcountry travel in avalanche terrain. Skin pockets, beacon pocket, shovel and probe holster, and ABS avalanche airbags which are removable. TUV tested and safety approved. Made from only the finest material with hand selected manufacturers based on their expertise all around the world."

August 30, 2016

Selected amongst 25 other amazing new products, SubQ Designs is honored to have The Jackson ABS Avalanche Airbag Jacket featured in Freeskier magazine as one of the best products for 2017. 

As the only airbag system to make the cut, The Jackson ABS avalanche airbag jacket is standing out in the community as a local favorite. SubQ Designs is committed to safety and performance, as recognized by Freeskier and their editors. 

Thanks for the support freeskier, for more information checkout "The Jackson" tab at the top of the page.

Local Denver Company - SubQ Designs - And their Airbag Jacket

DENVER (CBS4) – A Denver man has come up with his own avalanche airbag device he says is different than others on the market, and the change in design could get more people to wear avalanche airbags.

There’s no question that the backcountry is the ultimate playground, but it has a very dangerous side.

“Technology in terms of backcountry is booming right now,” said Wes Worthington, who works with SubQ, a Denver-based company that is helping outfit backcountry users with airbag-equipped jackets, a first-of-its-kind move.

Teton Gravity Research gives their approval.

February 28, 2016

The outdoor gear world has been buzzing about innovative pieces of avalanche safety gear. This year, at both SIA and Winter OR, companies like Arva and Arc'teryx released new avalanche airbag packs to consumers. With more skiers and riders accessing backcountry locations, the need for both better, lighter equipment, coupled with the right knowledge, is paramount. 


Salt Lake City-based SubQ Designs has released a jacket that is the first of its kind. The Jackson Airbag Jacket is a 10K shell with an integrated ABS airbag system built right into the jacket. Prior to The Jackson, all ABS avalanche airbag systems have been built into backpacks or vests, which can be bulky, push you off the chairlift if you don't make the effort to take them off, and add unwanted swing weight to your back while sending cliffs and carving powder turns. 

Outside Magaizine Raves and Names SubQ's ABS Avalanche Airbag Jacket "Gear of the Show" at Outdoor Retailer

January 05, 2016

From Outside Magazine:


We always wear an airbag pack at ski areas like Jackson Hole and Silverton because of the great backcountry terrain. But here’s the problem: riding a crowded chairlift with a bulky pack sucks. 


Enter SubQ. The small company just launched the Jackson—a fully waterproof-breathable jacket with a built-in, removable safety tool pack (for your shovel and probe), and ABS airbag system. It’s designed to be more svelte than a pack, but just as capable. 


Click below for full report.


Dean Cummings and H2O Guides Chooses SubQ's The Jackson Airbag Jacket

January 20, 2016

Dean Cummings and H2O Guides, a premier heli skiing operation in Valdez Alaska, chooses SubQ as thier safety good of choice. When navigating the Chugach, education and knowledge of your surroundings, the weather, and snow conditions is the most important component. Safety devices such as a beacon, shovel and probe are mandatory, and now airbags are becoming the 4th mandatory backcountry piece of safety equipment due to thier considerable increase in survival in the event of an avalanche. 


The advantage of the The Jackson Airbag Jacket in the heli world is not having to take your pack on and off while entering and exiting the chopper. The heli zip on the SubPack allows for a quick disconnect of the tank from the system. This will allow clients to take 1-2 more runs per day. On a 5 run day, this is significant!


For more information on The Jackson ABS Jacket see www.subqdesigns.com.

Gear Patrol Features SubQ

January 06, 2016

From GearPatrol.com


A versatile jacket for what’s sure to be an unpredictable ski season, the Jackson features a removable ABS airbag system so you can prep for whatever conditions you’re in for. Besides that indispensable safety measure, there’s a TUV-approved harness, slim (but spacious) storage space, a hydration sleeve, a removable shell for temperature control and more — all this at just eight pounds, 11 ounces, and, according to the brand, the lowest swing weight on the market.

GearJunkie Features SubQ's Jackson Avalanche Airbag Jacket

December 21, 2015

From GearJunkie.com


This week, a new company announced the “first ever” jacket with an integrated ABS Airbag system. 

SubQ Designs’ Jackson Airbag Jacket is a modular product that contains an avalanche airbag system in a harness that is worn with the jacket.

The jacket also has pockets and stash areas to carry snow safety equipment in the backcountry.

ABS Airbag: From Pack To Jacket

The ABS Airbag system is found in dozens of backpacks made by many brands. The packs range in size from small daypacks with just enough room to carry a shovel, probe, and water, up to large packs for multi-day backcountry trips...

Click below for a direct link to the site.


Unofficial Networks reveals SubQ

December 29, 2015

From UnofficialNetworks.com


SubQ Designs is stepping into the avalanche safety game in a big way. 

With the introduction of the Jackson Airbag Jacket, SubQ is the first company to combine outerwear with an ABS certified safety system in one fell swoop. Not to mention, the jacket has specific spots to stash your shovel, beacon, and probe. Although the SubQ Jackson Jacket is mainly purposed for sidecountry ripping, it’s also compatible with ABS Vario packs as well, making longer jaunts in the backcountry a breeze.


To see the full article click below.


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