SubQ and the TUV certification. The standard for avalanche safety.

The Jackson Avalanche Jacket went through rigorous testing to obtain the TUV certification. TUV is an independent company that tests safety products. It is required for sale in Europe, not the US, but we made it our standard. Here's what the test involves:

-3000N applied to each airbag for 60 seconds.

This test is performed to each airbag meaning that the airbags combined can withstand 6000 N for 60 seconds. This is approximately the weight of a grown highland cattle pictured below. If they could fit in our product we might try it...

The materials are also under the microscope for testing. Each strap of webbing used, each buckle, and the mesh are all analysed to make sure it is up to standard to withstand the stresses required in an avalanche. The mesh and webbing even have to be resistent to saliva.

Just a tid bit on the safety and engineering that goes into each Jackson Avalanche Airbag Jacket.

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US Patent 9,392,860

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