The Jackson.

Designed for safety and efficiency in avalanche terrain. The Jackson takes avalanche airbags to the next level. By building the airbags into the shell and the harness under the jacket we have produced the most comfortable and lowest profile avalanche safety system on the market.


Never take it off in avalanche terrain, because you do not need to. You can shed the shell behind you when you get hot, easily attach your skis or board, and put your skins in the skin pockets, without ever removing the system. Did you know 20% of airbags are not deployed in an avalanche? Its because packs are taken off throughout the day in the backcountry.


The Jackson: Lower profile, more comfortable, safer than airbag back packs.


Produced in China, in a factory chosen for it's premium seam taping, in the same factory where top of the line Marmot outerwear is produced, designed by professional designer Lisa Hadley.

Produced in Los Angeles by a hang gliding harness specialist for optimum quality, made to the standards of TUV and testing in Europe and approved by TUV to withstand the demands of an avalanche.

Airbags by ABS. Produced in Los Angeles with durable corder fabric, safe HDPE and closed cell foam backing for spine protection, with expandable zip on storage.

The Shell                  The Harness           The SubPack


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Freeride Fit. 

20K/20K waterproofing and breathability.

Can be worn independantly for inbounds days.


Helmet Compatable Hood.

Large Collar.

Adjustable Sleeve Cuffs.

Chest Pockets For Skins.


Stash pocket in sleeve.

Easy Pit Access.

Powder skirt.

Mesh goggle pocket.

Harness is TUV weight tested and approved.

Lightweight athletic mesh for breathability.

3D spacer mesh in friction areas.


Design allows for venting and unhindered draping of the shell.

Beacon pocket.

Hydration pouch with hanger.

Under the shell design makes for less freezing of hydration system.


Durable cordura fabric. Removable design.

Extremely low profile, only as deep as your shovel blade.

Airbags attach to harness through shell.

Harness distributes weight.

Shovel and probe holster.

Heli Zip.

For quick exposure and deactivation of tank.

Bomber buckles.

Large "Glove Friendly" aluminum buckles.

Seemless ski/board attachment.

Board attachment for your bootpack.

Skis attach in teepee or diaganol fashion.


Durable cordura fabric. Removable design.

Extremely low profile, only as deep as your shovel blade.

No straps over the top of the shell allows for superior breathability, zip access, and comfort.

Low profile. Removable.

170L of redundant airbag volume for maximum safety.


Online Video Manual

- FAQ's -

Can you wear a pack with this system?

No and you don't need it! It has storage for all the things that you need to take with you in the backcountry and has them designed to work better and more comfortably than a pack system. If you need more storage simply add a zip on.

So you have to take the jacket off to get to your shovel? Why?

If you don't know, their is one statistic that limits the success of avalanche airbags, and that is that up to 20% of airbags are not deployed when in an avalanche. 20%! That is too much, but even with this the risk of dying in an avalanche is 96% less than if you had not worn it. We know we can do better than a 20%, so ABS and SUBQ are taking initiatives to improve this. SubQ's approach, DONT TAKE IT OFF in AVI TERRAIN. Commonly happens during transitions and shell removal. So THE JACKSON is lighter,  lower profile, more breathable, and it is safer.


In the event of a rescue situation:  You are in avalanche debris, which is a safe place when in avalanche terrain as the unsafe slab has already blown. So, within the same time it takes to removed a pack, you can have your shovel/probe out and digging. Your beacon will already be in your hand with its convenient pocket location.

What is "TUV tested?"

For 2 years, our designs and prototypes have gone back and forth from Munich, Germany, where TUV has tested and approved the harness/jacket to ensure it will stand up to an avalanche. There are many criteria, including holding a significant weight, inflating in a certain time period, and standing up to the stress and environment for multiple uses. 

TUV is a company that makes standards for products. You will often see their label on your car, or boat, or on other safety products as a mark of quality.


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