"The future of skiing is one without area boundaries; one without avalanche related deaths.

Our products are made for skiers, boarders, and sledders who share the same vision."

Dr. Corbin Redli, founder of SubQ Designs.

The Jackson.

The award winning

ABS equipped airbag jacket.


The Jackson Avalanche Airbag Jacket


"The Jackson" has the lowest swingweight of any airbag system on the market.


Full pit access and easy shell draping make for unparalleled comfort and range of motion


The first of it's kind, the system is completely removable. Go only jacket, go just vest and pack, go full avalanche airbag jacket.

The Design

Start with a harness.

Build it into the ultimate SubQ Shell.

Add a removable ABS Airbag System.


Strength tested, TUV approved.

Aegis Antimicrobial coating.

Skis & Boards
Attach directly to your back

Probe & Shovel
Stash your goods in the streamlined SubPack

ABS Integration
Add/Remove Airbags

Hydration Sleeve
Storage pouch with hanger

Easy access pocket for quick retrieval

Temp Control
Remove your shell while hiking or skinning without delay

Skin Pockets
Skin pockets on chest



SubQ Designs was founded by an ER physician and backcountry enthusiest and it's ideas are based on the statitstics showing airbags are vital to the safety and survival of winter backcountry adventurers. For several years airbags have been increasing in popularity due to the high reduction in mortality. SubQ believes airbag technology is not just a backcountry accessory, but instead it is a requirement.


Realizing the comfort limitations and restricting nature of current airbag devices, SubQ focused on the progression of airbag designs through developement and strength testing to produce “The Jackson”. This creation of a lightweight and breathable airbag integrated jacket gives the user the ability to enjoy their passion without restriction, and most importantly, in the safest way possible. If you are comfortable, you are more likely to wear something that could save your life.


We at SubQ are proud to be promote a safer and more knowledgeable backcountry culture. We believe education is the most important aspect of prevention of injury in the backcountry. By continual research and innovation we intend to bring new products to the forefront of the industry creating higher standards for backcountry enthusiasts everywhere.


To learn about the Brazil Nut Effect, the primary principle behind airbag technology click here


Bryan Finochiarro

Summit County Local

"I believe the SubQ is perfect lift accessed backcountry, cat skiing, heli-skiing, and sledding." He went on to say, "this jacket embodies the perfect fusion for the backcountry enthusiast, easy to ski, climb, hike, and ride the lift without compromising safety." He added, "the vest taking the weight and distributing it is a major plus. The feeling of the weight on two shoulder straps makes boot packing with skis on your back a lot easier."

Bryan calls East Vail his home turf.

Andrew Benaquista

SubQ Designs Ambassador, RMU, Strafe Outerwear

Andy calls East Vail home. He was introduced to the SubQ Avalanche Airbag Jacket in early 2015 and has been fired up about it since. Andy states the SubQ system is "All the backcountry you need without the pack. Fully integrated jacket with airbag system and room for the long haul." 

Matt Carter

Subaru Freeride Series Snowboarder

"I really like this setup, its light weight easy to use. In comparison to other ABS packs this would be the standard of comfort. The harness ads support to your body allowing more freestyle meneuverability. I would recommend this to riders who like being in the air where there is minimal swing weight so it won't throw you off balance." Congrats to Matt for finishing 7th overall in the competitive Subaru Freeride Series! 

Tristan "Teton" Brown

SubQ Designs Ambassador, Subaru Freeride Series Athlete

"The SubQ Jacket is a highly practical fusion between safety and comfort in the backcountry skiing. Although I enjoy taking it touring with the zip on bag. I find it most ideal for the sidecountry laps. I feel safe exiting the gate with my shovel/beacon/probe and airbag and can huck without really noticing my gear at all." 

Gabe Gibbs

Subaru Freeride Series Athletes, AK native

A native of AK and winner fo the "Sickbird" award in the Subaru Freeride Series. Gabe is no stranger to hucking cliffs and charging big lines. His review: "The system is perfect for snow sport athletes. Low swing weight while keeping the benefits of the ABS System

Blaine Klawiter

Backcountry Sledder

"Rocked the pack and it was sick! Lighest and most comfy avy setup I have every used!"

Blaine agrees the low swing weight is ideal for the active rider. 

The Jackson Avalanche Airbag Jacket - Overview Video.



Dave Norona Loves It. Heres Why.

Gabe Gibbs

FreeRide Series Athlete

The Jackson Avalanche Airbag Jacket - In the field review by Peter Biskind.

Outsided Magazine Review

ABS Equipped Skier 

Saved from Avalanche

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